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Bacchus Partners is the general partner of a series of limited partnerships sourcing rare, fine and investment grade wines for long-term price appreciation and fulfilling the needs of new world buyers in the emerging wine markets of China, India, Russia, etc.

We believe this investment can be profitable in both the short and long-term and provide true diversification from more typical investments such as stocks and bonds. Rare and fine wine returns are generally unaffected by movements in equity and bond Markets and are a more effective hedge against equities than bonds, thereby increasing total portfolio returns while reducing overall risk. The wine market also tends to be less volatile than financial markets, is less susceptible to market downturns and adverse economic conditions and has proven to be an effective hedge against recession and inflation. Fine and rare wine demand is being further fueled by its worldwide status and its newfound discovery by US baby boomers.

The Fine Wine Appreciation Funds’ began operations in October 2008 and we manage an inventory of some of world's finest rare wines. To select these wines we use traditional portfolio management techniques coupled with an exceptional knowledge of the business. We believe our ability to exploit the multi-layered worldwide wine distribution system along with our disciplined purchasing approach will provide long-term capital growth for our partners.

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Bacchus -
Roman God of Wine

Roman statue of Bacchus (Dionysus), God of Wine, circa 150 AD
(Prado, Madrid)





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